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Getting cash online is very real, believe me. You’re probably doing the same thing I did for a while, more exactly you are surfing the Internet hoping that you will find a way to put more money in your accounts. Of course many of them are fake sites and I am sure that you are sick of looking and not finding anything. I hope you are not thinking that you can do this without putting in any effort, because you can’t achieve anything good without effort. Before I will start telling you about this, I will give you an advice: analyze opportunities, not the chances of failure.

I recommend you start by trying a site where you can get cash now for reading e-mails, for clicking on some banners or on some links that are sent do you in an e-mail. For these, the prices start from $1.50 per action. You can choose different options for the payment to be done. You can do this job from any country and from any place. You just have to own a personal computer, a laptop, or why not, a netbook. If you are going through a period where you can’t dedicate the time necessary to do this you just have to click 1 link in 30 days to remain active in their data base.

If you have a website or a personal blog, then you should know that

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many companies are willing to pay you for adding a banner or an advertisement on your website or on your personal blog. It’s simple because anyone can join. You just have to own a website or a personal blog that has a lot of visitors. This system is fast, too! The money may be sent via PayPal and after that you just have to transfer them to your bank card. There are some special programs used by companies that hold the accounts of users who access their sites from your web page. Cost per click means that whenever a visitor clicks on an ad, the company allocates you a sum of money. You can put the ads wherever you want on your web page, but respecting the company policy that pays you.

Another way to make money is cost per action. It is similar to cost per click, but in this case, you are not paid according to the click, you are paid according the visitor’s action. This could mean that the visitor may have to do a registration on a site, buy something or download something.

There is a way also to make money called “pay for post”. I use this way to make money and it works. If you have a blog or a website with a pretty good page rank, some visitors and a community who knows you, you can earn lot of money. Pay per post refers to the fact that you are paid to write an article about a sponsor or a small introduction that your visitors will read before visiting that site. For this kind of activity you can get $5 and up, all depending on the popularity of your site. This method is becoming less and less popular each month, due to the search engines frowning upon it.